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Global Supply Chain Update: National AED Shortages

Recently the FDA released a national AED shortage notice that highlights the decrease in availability of medical equipment, devices, and life-saving technology like AEDs. Whether this is your first-time hearing of this global shortage, or you have experienced the delays first-hand, we want to ensure your understanding of what AEDSuperstore is doing to alleviate the disruption in our shipping process.     Why is there a national AED shortage?    Global supply chain issues as well as recent events in the news such as the NFL’s Damar Hamlin story, have increased the demand for these rescue devices and their accessories. Global supply …

CPR & Choking: Why You Need a LifeVac

  When someone is choking with a completely blocked airway, oxygen cannot reach the lungs. Because the brain is extremely sensitive to the lack of oxygen, brain damage can occur in as little as 4 to 6 minutes. During these first few minutes, first aid must take place to save a person’s life.   First aid classes teach us how to do the Heimlich maneuver if an individual is choking, or how to perform back blows to a choking infant or toddler to dislodge any food or item blocking their airway. However, many questions that may be unanswered come into …

Heart Conditions that Can Lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What causes sudden cardiac arrest? As you may know, American Heart Month is celebrated all February long making it the perfect time to educate yourself on the types of heart conditions that could potentially lead to a life-threatening emergency like sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Sudden cardiac arrest is caused by a malfunction of the heart’s electrical system causing an irregular heartbeat, or an arrhythmia affecting the heart’s ability to pump blood leading to heart failure. SCA requires immediate treatment. Often these irregular heartbeats are short and harmless, but other times can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. The most common irregular …

An AED and CPR Helped NFL’s Damar Hamlin

As the NFL community patiently waits to hear back on Buffalo Bill’s Damar Hamlin’s recovery, the world has seemed to halt and take notice of the importance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) which helped stabilize Hamlin before he was transported to the hospital. If you are not familiar with the situation, Hamlin was hit on impact in a tackle, resulting in the athlete’s sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Thankfully, the medical staff’s rapid response to two key players in the survival of SCA, both CPR and an AED, was able to keep Hamlin stable enough to be …

Best AEDs for 2023

  Table of Contents: Best AEDs for Schools Best AEDs for Churches Best AEDs for Home Best AEDs for Offices Best AEDs for Gyms and Fitness Studios Best AEDs for Daycare Centers Best AEDs for Small Businesses Best AEDs for Outdoor Use Best AEDs for EMS Best AEDs for Public Spaces Choosing an AED Device AED Manufacturer Overview Cardiac arrest has been the leading cause of natural death in the United States for years, but thanks to innovative AED technology, along with training programs from excellent organizations such as the National Safety Council sudden cardiac arrest deaths in America are …

Chest Pain

Five Signs You May Have Heart Disease

Your heart health is no joke, and this article will focus on common heart disease symptoms so you may be able to recognize them and make the effort to see your doctor for proper treatment.  

LifeVac Airway Clearance Device

Introducing the LifeVac Airway Clearance Device

The LifeVac Airway Clearance Device has saved over 135 choking victim’s lives with it’s simple, easy-to-use design.

The New Link in the Chain of Survival – Recovery

The AHA has added a sixth link to the sudden cardiac arrest chain of survival. What does it mean, and how is it relevant?

Town Hall in Stannard, Vermont

Small Town with Big Heart Receives Grant

Meet the latest winner of our $2000 AED Grant – the residents of Stannard, VT. A town with 216 residents and no paved roads.

Our Latest Scholarship Winner Focuses on the Heart

Lauren Menke is our latest scholarship winner. Read about how she turned a personal loss into a wonderful win for her community.

AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers

AED Superstore now carries AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers by Fellowes. While most air purifiers rid indoor areas of odors, smoke, dust, mold, and other allergens, the AeraMax Professional series goes even further to decrease the number of virus particles in the air as well.

AEDStatus is Always Working, Even When You Aren’t!

AEDStatus gives you peace of mind your AED will be ready to rescue in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest event.

Our Grant Winners Know How to Rock!

It’s never easy to pick the winner of our $2000 AED Grant. The most recent reicipient is the Mobile Bay Area Chapter of Black Nurses Rock!

ZOLL AED 3 Approved by FDA for Public Access

The FDA has given ZOLL the green light to sell its technologically advanced ZOLL AED® 3 for use by the general public. But what sets it apart?

Our Scholarship Winner Puts Talents to Work

Meet the latest winner of our $1,000 scholarship. Armed with a ukelele, she found a unique way to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest.


Protect Yourself Properly

A lot of money is being spent on PPE, but protection is reduced when not used properly. This is a guide to using the most common PPE correctly.

Pass the Time and Save a Life

Have some free time? Why not take a few minutes and learn hands-only CPR with these fun and helpful videos we have compiled?